Not Just a business, A sustainable lifestyle choice

SaveEat is a dynamic and eco-friendly business that is focused on
reducing India's food wastage and combating climate change.

Through our easy to use mobile application, customers can buy surplus
food from partner restaurants at attractive discounts.

With SaveEat, price conscious customers get to eat high-quality food
and enjoy different cuisines, while restaurants and eateries get to sell
their surplus food, thereby improving margins.

So instead of lonely foods reaching the bin at the end of the day,
we help customers rescue the food.

All You Need To Save Food, Money, and Earth : is Eat!

Our Founder

Sneh Binny, Founder & CEO

As a serial entrepreneur, he is passionate about sports like Martial Arts & tennis, which has moulded his competitive nature in business. A keen learner, as a student of the University of Cambridge & Harvard Business School (to name a few), he loved cooking for his friends and ensured nothing was wasted

How it All Started ?

  • Early 2021

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  • May 2021

  • June 2021

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  • December 2021

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